Gulf Technology Systems (GTS) and Water & Sanitation for Africa (WSA) have signed a complete collaboration agreement to work together on water supply and sanitation infrastructure projects in Africa.

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To address the urgent shortage of access to basic sanitation facilities in the Sub-Saharan region, which now affects 1.69 billion people and is estimated to cost 5.5 billion USD annually, the partnership aims to pool the knowledge and resources of both organizations. The cooperation intends to create and implement long-term approaches to drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene to enhance local communities’ quality of life and boost agricultural output.

According to the new agreement, WSA will serve as the primary project facilitator and execution agent for water and sanitation projects in its member nations. GTS will offer supplemental expertise and serve as the project’s fundraising agent. Members of both businesses will make up the management teams for each project.

Dr. Hobah Rogoto, Executive Secretary of WSA, remarked, “We are thrilled to join Gulf Technology Systems on this significant effort. Their knowledge and resources will enable us to broaden the range and sophistication of the technologies used in our water and sanitation projects and provide desperately needed solutions to underserved communities.

“GTS is committed to supporting sustainable development initiatives that enhance human well-being and promote economic expansion.”


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