According to forecasts from the United Nations that were just made public, the world’s population reached 8 billion in November 2022. And just seven countries are host to more than half of the world’s population.

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Here is a list of the world’s most overpopulated counties:

In terms of population, China comes in first place among all nations in the world. China’s population is currently 1,453,235,207. of which 60.8% of people live in cities.
The population of China makes up 18.47% of the entire global population. China’s median age is 38.4 years old.

India also known as Bharat has the second-largest population in both Asia and the entire world. India has many different ethnic groupings, and its constitution recognizes twenty-two languages as official. The old caste structure still exists in Hindu society. Uttar Pradesh, which has 200 million residents, is the most populous state in India. India’s population is currently 1,413,977,505. The median age in India is 28.4 years, and 35.0% of the population lives in urban areas.

3. United States:
The US is the most populated country in the Americas and takes up the majority of central North America. The population of the United States is 335,861,557. The median age in the US is 38.3 years, and 82.8% of the population lives in urbanized areas.

4. Indonesia:
In Maritime Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the most populous island nation, the most populous Islamic nation, and the most populous sovereign state. Indonesia has a population of 280,766,290 people as of right now. 56.4% of people live in cities, In Indonesia, the average age is 29.7 years.

5. Pakistan:
Pakistan has the fifth-highest population in the world, with a population of 231,637,290 as per the most recent United Nations statistics.
The median age of Pakistan is 22.8 years, with 35.1% of the population living in urban areas.

6. Brazil:
Brazil is the second-most populated nation in the Western Hemisphere and South America’s largest and most populous nation.
Brazil has a population of 216,342,172 people as of right now. The median age of Brazil is 33.5 years, with 87.6% of the people living in metropolitan areas.

These are the top 6 world’s most overpopulated countries in the world as of now.


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