It is impossible to argue against the notion that your lover deserves good loving and some of the nicest things money can buy on this day – assuming you can afford them, of course. This is regardless of whether you agree with people who believe Valentine’s Day is an overrated affair.

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Like every year, lovers throughout the world will display their love for one another on Valentine’s Day by coming up with creative ways to express their adoration and how much their partners mean to them. There must be nothing wrong with this at all. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express your love and appreciation for the people in your life. And do not hesitate to lavish them with everything good money can buy, to the extent that you can. This post can be quite useful if you are in Lagos and are unsure about what to do right now.

While material gifts and monetary presents are essential on Valentine’s Day, it is also essential to highlight the intangible “gifts” that are given.

Numerous relationship intangibles, such as faithfulness, loyalty, assurance, commitment, fidelity, tenderness, and forgiveness, are, in theory, not gifts. However, in situations where they are nonexistent or reduced to insignificant levels, partners’ decisions to make a deliberate effort to improve the situation and use the sentimental ambiance of Valentine’s Day to make that commitment may qualify as a “gift.”

It’s not necessarily present when you decide to change your ways and treat your partner the way you ought to have treated them all along. Of course, your partner deserves all of these things and more. Valentine’s Day gives partners a chance to recommit to the idea of treating each other better and making the required efforts to make this happen in broken relationships where these intangibles are missing.

Partners can always look back on Valentine’s Day as the day they recommitted to each other and are determined to make things work for good when a relationship like that calms and someway rediscovers the bliss that it once had.

It won’t hurt to recommit to each other on Valentine’s Day, even in couples where nothing is wrong. Reminding each other of your love and affection for one another as well as how wonderful your life is with the other person in it won’t do any harm.


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