Love is a peculiar thing. Even though it is the most prevalent word in the Bible and the more than 6500 languages spoken worldwide, it is similar to electricity in that we can see it at work but are unsure exactly what it is. So, our understanding of love is influenced by our beliefs, cultures, and experiences.

For instance, the Greek language has divided love into many different emotions such as “philia” (affectionate or friendship love), “storge” (family love), “ero” (passion love), and “agape” (genuine or unconditional love). However, one thing is certain: how you understand love plays a significant role in determining the health of your marriage and family life. To have a happy marriage and family, you must understand what true love is.

To love is to die, is how the Akans, who are thought to be sprung from Jews, sum up love. In this context, the word “death” comes from a Jewish term and custom that means to give someone strength and hope, especially during difficult times, without expecting anything in return.


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Real love primarily involves giving of oneself. It is about making sacrifices, serving others, and going through pain to improve someone else by putting their needs ahead of your own.

How to build true love

Positivity is key since your thinking is your most powerful tool. As a result, you must adopt a cheerful outlook toward your spouse and family. Positive outcomes occur when you see things positively. Put the spotlight on yourself and project a sense of achievement around your marriage.

According to studies, a marriage can only succeed with one dedicated partner because your spouse will only react the same way to your actions and words. Be as accommodating as possible for your spouse. Decide to carry the load rather than letting it fall on you.

Keep your commitment to your partner, marriage, and family strong since research shows devoted couples enjoy their marriages more. Your well-being and happiness increase in direct proportion to your level of commitment. So, keep trying. Despite obstacles, give yourself another chance. Share your goals, plans, and resources in all spheres of your life.

Being humble involves bringing yourself down to the level of your spouse and other family members you may consider less important. In Akan, the term for humility is “ahobrase.” Make yourself nothing so that you can support your partner and family. According to Mother Theresa, humility is the source of all virtues.

Be patient and resist the impulse to rush your partner if things do not turn out the way you had hoped. Give your partner room instead, and help him or her develop his or her thoughts, objectives, and feelings there. Recognize that a relationship develops at its own pace, much like wine. Notwithstanding your impatience, as the Akans said, patience pays out in the end.

Unconditional forgiveness is necessary because angels do not get married, making it impossible to maintain a relationship without issues. Conflicts seem to be a natural element of the Christian life. In marriage, we act like porcupines; we want to be intimate with our spouses, but doing so causes us pain, and we must be willing to forgive each time, every day.

According to recent studies, the majority of our common diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and stroke, may be brought on by an unforgiving spirit. Never forget that your Heavenly Father will not pardon you if you don’t forgive.

Certain examples of genuine love

As a priest, Rev. Andrew Campbell, SVD, has vowed obedience, chastity, and poverty. He has lived his whole life in Ghana virtually. His entire life is devoted to providing for the sick, elderly, and lepers in particular. Many people have been moved by his selfless life, which has given the forgotten people hope and love.

We learn about the great Ashanti monarch Tweneboah Kodua in Ghanaian history, who willingly offered to be sacrificed to bring peace to the Ashanti country. One of Jesus’ 12 apostles, John, is the only one to be recorded to have perished on the isolated island of Patmos. The others were brutally executed for their devotion to Christ; some were pierced with spears, some were fried alive in oil, some were skinned alive and beheaded, one was bound to the cross to die, and one was pounded on the head with a club, and Peter was crucified upside down.

Jesus serves as our best example of genuine love as Christians. He did not sin and was modest. To save humankind, he was crucified on a cross after being betrayed, stoned, humiliated, mocked, and spat upon. His name will always be above all names because He demonstrated His love by sacrificing Himself on the cross.

Let Jesus be the example of true love for you. Do not alter a thing if you must endure suffering every day to improve your lover, husband, and family since God will make you strong, steadfast, and whole through it. As a result, consider the pain you endure to improve your marriage and family as pure delight. You will discover true love via it—one that transcends human comprehension.


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