Young Ghanaians, many of whom participate in gambling, have harshly criticized the new fee on social media.

Throughout the past ten years, Ghana’s betting sector has experienced phenomenal expansion, which has encouraged numerous bookmakers to establish operations there.

Ghanaians’ opinions on sports betting have recently frequently been mixed, with some emphasizing its negative impacts on the youth.

Others agree, saying that since gambling is legal and not against the law, it cannot be characterized as a negative habit.

Serwaa Amihere, a newscaster on GH One, was criticized before for saying that sports betting was turning into a national crisis.

Dancehall artist J. Derobie has also been quoted as saying that sports betting is beneficial and has prevented many young people from committing armed robberies.

The musician maintained that many young guys who may otherwise have engaged in other social vices used sports betting as a method of subsistence.

As a result of the new tax, 10% of every wagerer’s gains will go to the Ghanaian government.

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