The ongoing global outbreak of COVID-19 infections, particularly with reported rises in new cases in China and other countries, has prompted the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to issue a warning to the populace.

The SOS warning is now required because Ghana’s comparatively low vaccination rate poses a serious threat to importation and a fresh wave of COVID-19 infection.

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Despite the reduction and continued low levels of infections in Ghana over the past three months, the GHS feels that in order to prevent further outbreaks, security measures must be tightened and current ones reviewed.


As a result, the GHS stated in a press release that it has worked with the Ministry of Health to carefully monitor the situation while consulting with important stakeholders.

Ghanaians who have not had the COVID-19 immunization are being advised to do so by the GHS, while those who have only received the first and second doses should get the second and booster.

Full statement below:




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