According to experts, when pigment-generating cells stop producing color, hair turns gray.

Hydrogen peroxide that occurs naturally can accumulate in the hair and bleach the color.

However, if the color of your hair is changing naturally as you age, there is little your diet can do to help. Nutrition can help prevent premature greying.

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Numerous foods can be consumed regularly or applied to the hair to help stop the growth of undesired gray hairs without affecting the color of the hair’s natural hair.

Follow the list below:

Fatty fish: Daily consumption of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids can assist to increase protein levels, which improves cell regeneration and lessen the oxidative stress brought on by the presence of free radicals. The amino acids aid in healthier hair development.

Curry leaves: Curry leaves have been utilized for their significant therapeutic properties, which aid in blood purification and detoxification, which promotes healthier hair development. In addition, applying curry leaves paste mixed with fenugreek powder and coconut oil topically once each month can promote hair development.

Coconut oil: One of the home remedies for grey hair involves massaging your hair with coconut oil and sweet almond oil combined in equal parts. This is supposed to both stop and even reverse premature greying of the hair. This is particularly valid if your hair is dark.

Black tea: Strong black hair benefits greatly from black tea, which makes it blacker, shinier, and softer. 3 to 5 tea bags can be dipped into 2 cups of boiling water to make it. Rinse hair after cleansing it with this mixture and then rinse with conventional water to see the effects.

carrot, ginger, and honey: A drink made from freshly squeezed carrot juice, grated ginger, and some raw honey is another natural technique to prevent or reverse grey hair; the mixture should be consumed frequently each day and is known to prevent grey hair.

Iodine: Foods high in iodine, especially when paired with copper, will help you keep the color of your hair. Eating more seafood, such as crab, lobster, and tuna, is the greatest way to boost the amount of iodine in your diet.





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