For her rap abilities, particularly as a female rapper in a male-dominated field, Ghanaian rapper medikal has lavished accolades on Eno Barony.

He said in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz that he was completely taken away by a lyric by Eno Barony while listening to it while driving across town.

She even raps better than a lot of Ghanaian male rappers, he told Andy Dosty.

“You don’t know Eno Barony is a rapper? I was driving when I heard one of her songs on the radio; her verse sounded sick. She is pretty impressive for a girl rapper. He said in Pidgin English, “She dey rap pass enough of the male rappers in Ghana aside from me.

The debate over who the best rapper in the nation is has taken place many times in different venues. Several people do not exclude rappers like Eno Barony from their lists of top rappers on traditional or social media platforms.

Yet, Medikal thinks that while not writing Eno Barony off, he will always defeat her in a rap duel since he is a better rapper than she is.

He stated in the interview that he is on a different level and cannot be compared to other rappers.

“You see me,” I have my space. I uniquely do things. You cannot combine me with any other rapper. I’ll make the decision. You for placing me there, and I’m going to show that women’s empowerment doesn’t work for my top in one song. He said in Pidgin English, “I go lash am.

To promote his song, cold and trophies, which he co-wrote with his ex-girlfriend Sister Deborah, Medikal is presently on a radio tour.

His upcoming album, titled “Planning and Plotting,” has also been announced.

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