The former England defender acknowledges that he likes Partey as well but has often argued that Casemiro is the better midfielder.

On the Vibe with FIVE podcasts, Ferdinand stated, “I’ve done clips where I suggested Man United should get Partey before he moved to Arsenal.

“I truly think he’s a fantastic player, but I don’t think it will be fair to him if you keep bringing up Casemiro,” the speaker said.

At Arsenal and Manchester United, respectively, Partey and Casemiro have both had incredible seasons.

The Gunners’ ascent to the top of the Premier League standings, where they presently sit five points ahead, has been largely attributed to the former.

In addition, Casemiro has assisted Manchester United in bringing back a trophy to Old Trafford for the first time in nearly six years, positioning them for a Champions League comeback.

Football fans have been having a heated discussion on which midfielder is the superior player on social media.

Partey responded to this by stating that his only attention is on helping the Gunners win after once again playing a key role in Sunday’s 3-0 Premier League victory over Fulham.

“I need to focus on my work. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to keep supporting the team, which is the mentality I have, and also to work on myself,’ he told beIN Sports. “I am really glad to be at least seen by some people.

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