Couple spending time together

Relationships might become too routine and uninteresting. It might seem thrilling and promising to spend the rest of your life with someone, to argue, to make up, and to start a family, but not always.

Sometimes a couple has to turn up the heat in the bedroom to keep things smoldering.

The better the relationship, the greater the closeness.

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Following are some suggestions to enliven your relationship:

Encourage one another.
When nothing is interesting or hard enough to do, things in a relationship might slowly start to go south. Challenges encourage you and your spouse to be more courageous and adventurous in your relationship. It may become even more daring when you both challenge one another to live on the edge.

Anytime you can cuddle.
The act of cuddling might cause your body to generate “feel-good” chemicals, which will inevitably bring you and your spouse closer. A terrific approach to show your lover you care is to cuddle; this might even result in sex.

Let your fantasies go wild
Do not be afraid to share your sexual dreams with your partner. Don’t keep your sexual desires and requirements a secret; if you and your partner confront them, things will only get better. You are allowing yourself to be more open when you discuss your sexual dreams with your spouse, which is a wonderful thing for your relationship or marriage.

Playing a role may be exciting, not just in bed but also on date nights. You two can pretend to be random strangers who run into one another at a bar or restaurant and are immediately drawn to one another. This role-playing can continue between the two of you at home and result in an intense sex session.




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