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Did you know that you can use Facebook to make money in addition to using it to share photos and keep in touch with friends? There are many ways to make money on Facebook, like selling the postings from a fan page or employing link-type advertising schemes. Facebook can also be used for product promotion and sales. If you want to use Facebook to make money,

Earning Money Through Affiliate Advertising and other link-type advertising

1. Get an affiliate program or any link-type advertising program.

  • In exchange for your unique ID and marketing materials, affiliate programs will pay you a commission based on the volume of sales you bring in. So, attempt to choose a trustworthy affiliate marketing website and begin making money.
  • Most of the websites you’ve heard of provide this program. Practically anyone may sign up as an affiliate for as many sites as they like because the site doesn’t charge you anything to do this.
  • Consider well-known brands first. If someone purchases on Amazon after clicking through from your site, even if you didn’t advertise it, Amazon offers a lucrative affiliate program that pays a commission. An affiliate program is available through Apple’s iTunes platform.
  • Add more compact programs. By providing a wide range of advertising services to numerous different firms, you may diversify and gradually raise your affiliate earnings, even though it is less likely to produce income on any particular day.

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                   How to earn money on Facebook

2. Sign up. 

Search the company’s website and complete the necessary forms after deciding to promote it as an affiliate. This should never cost you anything and typically only takes a few minutes.
Never spend money to sign up as an affiliate.

3. Add an account.

For each affiliate program or collection of programs you join, create a Facebook account. Instead of having to sign up for a single page that has all different sorts of adverts, this enables individuals to follow your pages based on the topics they are interested in.
As previously indicated, you can periodically share content from the other accounts on your main account, exposing those pages to the audience you’ve established.

4. Advertise your programs.

Keep your accounts meticulously up to date and post something new for each of them every day. Your affiliate accounts may start to gain followers with any luck and a strong core account that has lots of followers. You receive compensation if someone clicks on one of your posts and makes a purchase from one of your affiliates.

Earning Money Using Facebook Page

Get a Fan page if you don’t already have one. 
So you don’t currently have a fan page? Since we’re talking about earning money through Facebook fan pages, you should start one right away. Make a fan page about anything that interests you, such as fishing, humor, travel, etc.

Create quality content.
Create engaging content for your fan page and try to attract as many users as you can. You can move on to the following phase after your page starts receiving favorable feedback and a sufficient number of likes.

Build a Website That Is Related to Your Fan Page. 
If you can afford it, start a website that is related to the subject of your fan page.

Additionally, you can make webpages for free.

To draw visitors to your website, provide content and make Facebook posts.

Make money by adding adverts, and make sure your website doesn’t look cloned.

To attract more and more people, you need regularly update useful material on your website.

Sell fan page postings.
You have a large Facebook fan base, but you’re still unsure of how to monetize it. The simplest way to earn money, it seems, is to sell posts on your fan page.

Establish a posted price for your page. Make sure you set the price appropriately since if it’s too high, nobody will buy posts from your page.


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