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What is an email
Electronic mail, also known as email or e-mail, is a way for individuals to communicate with one another using electronic devices.

Ever pondered learning how to set up your own email address? Numerous services on the internet require an email address to use them, and thousands of emails are sent daily throughout the world. You should have no trouble setting up your very own email account by following the instructions in this article.
Follow the steps below:

1. Check out a website that provides email services. Among the notable ones that are always free are,,, and

2. where can I sign up? The “create account” or “sign up” link typically has a small image or text, however sometimes you have to navigate to the login page to discover it.
In a search engine, enter “free email account” and the URL of your choosing. Hopefully, clicking the relevant link will take you to the setup page for the chosen email account.

3. Fill out all the required information as directed by the page’s instructions. You can occasionally feel awkward disclosing certain details. Don’t worry; for the most part, email accounts do not require details like your phone number and address, so you can omit them entirely.


4. After reading the service agreement, check the box indicating that you concur with the email system’s policies. Click the Submit or Enter button at the bottom of the screen when finished.


Congratulations! Your email address has now been established. 






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