The tax rate in a tax system is the proportion at which a company or individual is taxed. Statutory, average, marginal, and effective tax rates are just a few of the ways that can be displayed. According to Wikipedia. These rates can also be displayed using the inclusive and exclusive definitions of a tax base.
Currently, the higher rate of income tax, which is 40%, is applied to any income that is above your regular rate band.

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Here are the top 5 of the highest-taxed countries in the world:

1. Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast):
The highest income tax rate in the world is in Ivory Coast, a nation in west Africa.
In Ivory Coast, residents give the government 60% of their income.  The population of the Ivory Coast is now estimated at 26.38 million people.

2. Finland:
Finland, which ranks second in the world, is one of the Nordic nations with the highest tax rates. The top marginal tax rate in Finland is 56.95%.
Finland’s population is currently projected to be 5,543,256.

3. Japan: 
The world’s fourth-largest country by the national economy is Japan, which has the third-largest economy overall.
With a top marginal tax rate of 55.97% on income, Japan is the only Asian nation that is classified as having high taxes. 123,620,322 people make up Japan’s population.

4. Denmark:
The country with the fourth-highest tax rate in the world is Denmark.
In order to provide for the requirements of its small population, the Danish government levied a total tax rate that was equal to 55.9% of per capita income. There are 5,896,756 people living in Denmark.

5. Sweden:
In terms of current wealth and tax rate, Sweden ranks 20th in the world and is the fifth-highest-taxed nation. The highest income tax rate in the world, with deductions from an annual income of up to 52.9%, is in Sweden, a developed post-industrial country with a sophisticated welfare state.
The population of Sweden is 10,581,469 people, according to the latest projections.




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