The West Africa Digital Competitiveness Index is the first study released by Digital Foundation Africa, a pan-African think tank dedicated to unlocking and defining the continent’s digital future through research, policy, skill development, and advocacy in favor of advancing digitalization and digital technologies.

While charting the expansion of its digital development sectors for socioeconomic transformations, the Index measures, accesses, and rates which of the West African states are implementing, adopting, and applying effective policies among other uses of digital services.

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In this first observatory study, which takes into account roughly 10 variables, from online shopping and mobile money to digital infrastructure and policy execution, Ghana tops Anglophone West Africa.

Cote d’Ivoire is the most digitally competitive nation in Francophone West Africa, while Cabo Verde leads Lusophone West Africa. Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania are the least digitally competitive nations in West Africa.

Foster Kofi Sam, Co-Founder/CVO, asserts that the rating will direct ECOWAS states in their approach to the implementation and development of the digital sector, ultimately affecting how residents conduct business and use digital in their daily lives.

Activities will be organized to involve governments and other stakeholders in each country to help shape the direction and future of the digital sector when the index is released.

The foundation plans to begin development on a larger Pan-African Digital Index in 2023, of which the West Africa edition is a part.

The official website for the Index,,


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