Every couple has a distinct idea of what fun is, but most think that the main problem is premature ejaculation and finishing too quickly before the other person reaches orgasm.

It’s important to respect each other’s boundaries and be open and honest with your partner.

People frequently overlook the fact that closeness is more than just quick penetration. It might be a happy experience for both of you if you take the time to unwind and get ready for your closeness. Additionally, don’t be afraid to test out various postures.

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here are explanations for why some men might not stay in bed longer:

Anxiety: The majority of men think that this issue is typically brought on by physical issues, however, anxiety might occasionally be the culprit. When you experience performance anxiety, you frequently worry about how well you’ll perform in bed, how long you’ll last, and what your partner might think of you. You may experience PE (premature ejaculation) and a quick loss of erection as a result of all of these worries’ emotional effects. So, before engaging in physical intimacy, try to unwind and talk to your spouse about it. You and your spouse can both go to the hospital for treatment if your situation worsens.

Sensitivity: This problem might also be brought on by a high degree of masculine sensitivity. When it comes to sharing intimacy with their spouses, some guys are overly sensitive. There are, however, certain strategies to lower the danger of early ejaculation. Delaying the spray will give you greater control over your climax during intimacy. Your partner will adore it because it demonstrates your attention to her needs. She will also be appreciative of your efforts to extend your enjoyment of her. Since everyone has a distinct level of sensitivity, apply any substance to your sensitivity.

Excitement: Another factor that can contribute to premature ejaculation (PE) is an inability to rein in one’s excitement during intimacy. This problem affects young guys frequently. This can be because of a lack of expertise, but practice and communication can help. Always proceed with caution and ease. By being open and honest with your spouse, as well as practicing various intimate positions, you can lower your chance of PE.

Several health issues: PE can be caused by physical issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiac issues, and low testosterone levels. Many medications can be used to treat this, which is more prevalent among older men. Try to speak with your doctor or physician if you have any health issues that are hurting your sexual or mental well-being.




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