Fameye, a well-known highlife performer, broke down in tears after a petrol station betrayed him and destroyed his automobile.

Fameye claims that he recently paid GHS 700 for fuel despite the difficult economic situation, only to discover that the fuel was diluted.

He claimed that until his Honda Pilot touring SUV began acting up, he was unaware of the condition.

The singer said that despite spending over GHS 7,000, his automobile is still inoperable.

The SUV, a 2019 model, reportedly cost Fameye $32,000 and was purchased from an Accra car dealer last year.

After buying his black, expensive car, Fameye excitedly uploaded pictures of the interior and exterior, winning acclaim from his fans.

Little over a year later, he already seems to be losing faith that the car will return to the streets.

Fameye, meanwhile, is the owner of a 2020 Range Rover Vogue.

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