The bank claims that the need to safeguard its employees from the abuse they are receiving from consumers forced them to close all of its offices nationally.

The Bank will continue to serve customers and process transactions remotely even though its offices will be closed, and its digital channels will remain available, just like they did during COVID-19.

In a statement, Databank said that given the situation, it “has no choice but to move to a work-from-home option.” It added that while its offices will be physically closed, “we will continue to serve you, process transactions remotely, and keep all of our digital channels open, just as we did during COVID. However, operating the workplace without any available cash would put the lives of the personnel at risk.

“We continue to appeal for your patience during these trying times, fully aware that the current situation in our business is highly worrying. We have high hopes that the Financial Stability Fund or any other temporary fund the government may establish will offer much-needed assistance to investors like you.

“Numerous customers of ours have made an effort to be patient while we wait for the government to supply liquidity. We are exceedingly appreciative of this “It continued.


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