You’ve decided to enroll in an online university. Perhaps you’re a first-year student hoping to cut costs by utilizing the low tuition and the savings from living at home while in college. Or perhaps you’re going back to school to finish your degree. Perhaps now is the right moment to pursue that master’s degree you’ve been considering.

Whatever the case, you’re fired up and prepared to work. Thus, you probably don’t want to find yourself in a predicament where you have to wait a few months to start school after making your decision. This rating serves as a result.

You can begin classes according to the traditional academic calendar in the fall and spring. Some, though they are fewer in number, let you begin in the summer. The schools in our ranking take use of online delivery’s flexibility to offer many more start dates each year.

For the sake of our ranking, we stipulated that institutions must offer students at least four start dates every year to be considered. It turns out that even the schools in our ranking with the fewest start dates provide at least six of them, with one starting on average every two months (about the length of most online courses). As many as 12 start dates are offered by certain schools.

Also, with the growing acceptance of flex courses, there is frequently a handful for your degree that you can begin at any time.

The top universities that you can begin at any time are listed below:

University of North Dakota

76 undergraduate courses at the University of North Dakota are available in a flexible format, allowing you to begin them whenever you want. The majority of these classes are entry-level and will readily fit into any degree you choose to pursue. 27 bachelor’s degrees are available online through UND, with concentrations in civil engineering, computer science, cyber security, data science, mechanical engineering, geological engineering, petroleum engineering, public affairs/political science, and social work among them. The majors in political science and public affairs can be obtained as a part of a dual-degree program that also awards a master’s in public administration.

Arizona State University

One of the largest collections of online degrees is provided by Arizona State University, a well-known public research university. You can choose from 82 bachelor’s degree specializations among the 82 online bachelor’s degree programs, including art history, biochemistry, food industry management, business data analytics, communication, economics, electrical engineering, engineering management, geography, global health, and information technology.

Brandman University

Seven of Brandman’s 39 online bachelor’s degrees are “MyPath” degrees, which are self-paced, competency-based degrees. The seven MyPath degrees are in marketing, supply chain management and logistics, management and organizational leadership, general business, information technology, and organizational leadership.

Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University offers two fully self-paced degrees 100% online. However, students can also take individual self-paced courses that fit into their online degrees delivered through a more traditional online format. Students can choose to major in criminal justice, graphic design, accounting, business administration, public administration, software engineering, information technology, psychology, or marketing.

University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma’s self-paced courses allow students up to 180 days to complete a given course. Self-paced courses can be used while earning your online degree in subjects like administrative leadership, lifespan care administration, aviation, criminal justice, and liberal studies. The University of Oklahoma is actively increasing its self-paced course selection.

The University of Illinois Online

Most of the degrees that the University of Illinois Online provides are at the masters and doctorate levels. A bachelor’s degree in earth, society, and environmental sustainability is the only one now available online. Yet, there are more than 1,200 undergraduate courses available online, many of which are offered on a flexible schedule. Flex courses can be started at any time and finished within 16 weeks at the student’s own pace.

University of Maryland University College

The Maryland State University system’s online degree programs are housed at UMUC. No SAT or GRE results are necessary for admission to the program, and degrees are provided in 100% online and hybrid forms. With majors like accounting, biotechnology, business administration, communication studies, computer networks and cybersecurity, computer science, criminal justice, digital media and web technology, and investigative forensics, UMUC offers 32 online bachelor’s degrees.

Liberty University

An evangelical Christian university in the Baptist tradition is Liberty University. Programs including aviation, criminal justice, primary education, information technology, teaching English as a second language, social media management, Christian leadership and management, religion, and computer science cybersecurity are among the wide range of bachelor’s degrees available online.

Colorado State University Global

To act as the university system’s dedicated hub for online degrees, CSU Global was created. Online bachelor’s degrees in fields like computer science, healthcare administration and management, human resource management, human services, information technology, project management, and organizational leadership are among the 14 degrees that the digital campus offers.

Columbia College

Formerly a Christian women’s liberal arts college, Columbia College changed to a non-sectarian, co-educational style in 1970. The institution continues to have a beneficial relationship with the Disciples of Christ sect. Every year, almost 16,000 students enrolled in one or more online courses at Columbia College. Computer information systems, criminal justice, healthcare management, human resource management, management information systems, public administration, and sports management are a few of the online bachelor’s degree programs that the school offers.

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