As a result, the central bank official has cautioned Ghanaians to stop doing this.

Mr. Owusu warned that using the cedi for purposes other than those intended could result in legal action in a statement to the media.

“In recent years, I’ve observed people utilizing the money to purchase bouquets and, occasionally, to create designs in baskets and hampers for presentations. In his remarks to the media, he said, “That is against Bank of Ghana policy.

He added that the Bank of Ghana’s cedi is legal tender and should only be used as a means of exchange, not for giving or receiving presents.

He went on to say that once money is utilized for reasons other than those for which it was intended, it becomes defiled.

“Currency Act 64” refers to using coins currently banknotes for purposes other than those for which the act was created.

“Stop doing such things; they are against policy and you must stop them. Go out and buy presents if you want to offer someone a gift. Don’t go out and purchase flowers and carry them out, he said.

He also refuted rumors that the Bank of Ghana had released a 500 cedi currency using this media.

He claims that the information that has been making the rounds on social media is untrue.

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